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Rosebud Fashions Exceptional Flower Girl Dresses

Brides-to-be fantasize about their perfect wedding day, conjuring visions of taking center stage in a glorious gown to exchange lifetime vows with the man of their dreams. It is a chance to celebrate their happiness and commitment, while creating the most special of memories. One sure way to spread the joy of the occasion is to include the youngest members of the wedding party in the walk down the aisle and bestow upon them the honor of acting as flower girls. Young children will be thrilled to be included and relish the chance to dress up in their own bridal finery. Finding the perfect dress to live up to the day and make flower girls look exceptionally adorable is made much easier as Madame Bridal introduces the Rosebud Fashions collection of flower girl dresses in sizes ranging from 2 to 12.

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The tradition of flower girls dates back to the Victorian era and is one that is still celebrated today. Their adorable presence brings a smile to the face of every guest as they make their appearance ahead of the bride, scattering rose petals or holding a small bouquet. The dress she wears may resemble the wedding gown, be a miniature version of the bridesmaidís dresses or be the individual choice of the bride or the girlís parents.

Bridal store owner Pam Emerson was frustrated by the choice of flower girls dresses and created Rosebud to fill a niche in the market. She wanted to design simple and elegant flower girl dresses at affordable prices and took her inspiration from wedding dresses. Traditionally flower girls wore white to symbolize their sweet innocence and Pam paid homage to this tradition by creating her collection in a choice of white and ivory. The collection features full-length and tea-length dresses with A-line silhouettes. They have simply styled bodices with age appropriate necklines. Pam goes to town on the bridal gown inspired skirts that showcase fabulous details such as pick-ups, ruffles, lavish layers and scattered rosettes.

Generally the parentís of the child are responsible for the purchase cost of the flower girl dress, even if the selected dress is the choice of the bride. The affordability factor of the Rosebud collection is thus important as depending on how quickly the child is growing there may not be too many opportunities to wear the dress again. Some of the simpler styles in the collection may double as party dresses after the wedding or be worn to grace another important event.

Often the bride will consult with the parentís, perhaps selecting several dresses for them to make the final choice. Of course the wishes of the child herself may be considered if she falls for a particular dress. If more than one flower girl is participating in the wedding it is typical to choose matching dresses so each girl is turned out the same, doubling or tripling the pleasing effect of such preciousness. This collection offers many chances for the girl to fall head over heels in love with a dress. Comfort and practicality should also be considered and Rosebud dresses are crafted in the finest feel good fabrics. A very young child may best be suited to a tea-length dress to avoid any chance of tripping over a longer hemline.

Each dress in the collection is fashioned in a beautiful fabric that gives full justice to the style. The dresses are created in rich taffeta and filmy tulle, in chiffon, organza, lace, satin and Dupioni silk. There are touches of satin in the signature ribbon waistbands and bling sashes that provide a splash of color. Smooth or delicately ruched bodices are simply styled and feature square, scoop, jewel or bateau necklines. They have shoulder straps or are framed with lace ruffled cap sleeves, short flutter sleeves or tulip cap sleeves. Back bodices are full, square or lace-up, embellished with bows, and covered buttons or lace-up satin ribbons.

Waistlines are cinched with colorful satin. Sashes tie at the back in bows with long streamers and waistbands are accented with floral appliques or over size bows. The signature bling sashes are adorned with dainty lines of crystal beading or with a crystal beaded applique. Satin waistbands and sashes are available in a glorious range of 30 rich colors. The color chosen may be the flower girlís favorite, one selected to match the overall color theme of the wedding or one that ties in with the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Dark colors such as black and royal stand out in sharp contrast to the neutral white and ivory of the dresses, while metallic shimmer is attained with silver and old gold. Vivid bright shades such as turquoise, tangerine, emerald and fuchsia appeal to young girls, or there are more delicate colors such as lemon, lavender and pink. Rose can be chosen to match the petals or sage to complement the foliage of a bouquet. The chosen color can be picked up again in the choice of hair adornment worn by the little princess.

Rosebud goes to town with magnificent skirts full of whimsy. There are gorgeous tiered skirts and full skirts cascading in glorious layers. There are gathers galore and ravishing ruffles. There are fabulous ostrich feather skirts for the most sophisticated of weddings, cute bubble skirts and skirts with swirling pick-ups. Many are unadorned full A-lines that suit most styles of wedding. The collection includes lavish ball gown skirts lushly adorned with cascading organza rosettes or ruffles, perfect for mirroring luscious bridal gowns. The most ornate designs are wonderful for formal weddings while the simpler styles are perfect for informal or outdoor weddings. Frothy skirts are a young girlís delight and the flower girl will love to pose, curtsey and twirl in these charming confections. She can pick up the long skirts to run, play and dance when her part in the ceremony is completed.

The fine attention to quality detail is evident throughout the collection and is demonstrated with individual stand out touches. This may be the addition of tiered lace on a bodice or sleeve, a satin trimmed hemline or an artful piece of ruching. Beading does not take over the dresses and is limited to adorning the waistlines. The lack of overt frippery makes the dresses very wearable and girlish, allowing the child to retain her sweet look of innocence which is so endearing. These beautiful dresses allow her to fulfill her main role at the wedding which is looking utterly adorable.

The elegant simplicity of these dresses requires no additional adornments to detract from their innocent beauty. Although the most elaborate weddings may call for the flower girl to wear a jeweled tiara the finishing touch is more usually provided by a hair band, a floral barrette, a faux floral head ring or a simple flower in the hair. Ribbons and hair bows can be stunningly matched to the color of the satin waistband or sash, often all that is needed to make the young girl feel dressed up the nines.

The bride that wants to share the joy of her wedding day will not worry about being overshadowed by the enchanting quality of her exquisitely dressed flower girl or girls. She will embrace their charm and encourage their angelic poses as they nestle beside her for the wedding pictures. It is a day they can share and look back on together as perhaps the one where the youngster became inspired with her own bridal fantasies, hoping to one day emulate the beautiful vision the bride presents.

The addition of a flower girl of girls to the wedding is one that will enhance the breathtaking aspect of the special occasion. If they are dressed by Rosebud they will convey simple elegance and girlish innocence, capturing the hearts of everyone with their traditional appearance.