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Welcome to our Bridal Registration Form. This form will create your Bridal Registration with us. This allows us to keep all your bridesmaids orders together so the manufacturer can cut your dresses at the same time and ensure dye-lots accuracy (as long as all dresses are the same fabric.) 

We keep track of all your bridesmaids as they order. Once the last bridesmaid orders, we place your order together. After filling out this form, please be sure to communicate to your bridesmaids that they can either call to give us their information if you want the order to be placed at one time. Our email address is madamebridal@gmail.com you can also call 561-736-8588 XT221 or 222. Please leave a detailed message if our sales consultants can not get to the phone when you call. 

If your bridesmaids want to place individual orders online It is very important for them to specify that they belong to your bridal registration.  This information can be placed in the area where it says "Event Date".

Shipping info:

If all dresses are being shipped to each bridesmaid, they will have to pay for their own shipping, if you are shipping all dresses to 1 location, shipping will be free.

Madame Bridal will make every effort to place bridesmaids orders. We need everyone's cooperation so we can deliver your bridesmaids dresses in a timely manner. So please have them contact us well ahead of your wedding party. 

Any changes to your Bridal Registration must be notified to us by email and must be confirmed by Madame Bridal.

By submitting this form, you understand and accept the terms.

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