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Getting to know us:

We have been in the retail business for over ninety years. When our great grandfather opened his first wedding shop in a small town where he and his family lived the store was the talk of the town. His commitment to people who knew him, the men and women of his community and other nearby townships was legendary. Everyone loved his pretty dresses and anytime a young couple got married all family members went to his wedding shop for their  gowns, tuxedos mother of bride and mother of groom dresses.

The wedding guests also purchased their party dresses and cocktail dresses there. If there was a national celebration or a New Year party you could count on him for your evening gowns. If you did not have the funds he would allow borrowing a dress for a small fee. 

He ran the store for nearly forty years until his two daughters took over the business and brought the same ideals of community and customer care to United states. 

Madame Bridal is an offspring of an old established bridal boutique now located in Palm Beach County, Florida for the past 30 years.    

When we decided to open our online store we carried our love of customer care and expanded it to the internet.    

We believe no matter where you live from rural towns to big cities we are here to serve you locally and internationally.  We want you to know the wedding gown you always wanted is just a few clicks away. Whether you are looking for a snazzy little black dress to wear right away for that special night on a first date, a mother of bride gows, a sweet sixteen or a ball gown we carry them in our extensive inventory. . How about prom night? Do you want to shine among your friends and immerse yourself in all the compliments when they see your gorgeous prom dress?  We can do that too.  And we are here to answer any questions. Email us at info@madamebridal.com and tell us how we can get you inside a delightful designer fashion.        

Our extensive web pages are filled with over ten thousand fancy dresses, fashion accessories, dressy shoes, bridal gowns, veils and more.        

Selecting a new designer for each season is fun and exciting. Every time there is a new fashion show the runways are swarming with comings and goings of top models, fashion buyers and guests who love to see beautiful people in pretty dresses. It is simply because we select to visit fashion shows from top designers and pick selected  gowns from these fashion shows that we are able to send you the very best our industry offers.             

We are on the net to help you and you can call us also. Call us 561-736-8588.        

Please allow us to earn your business with award winning customer service, on time delivery and the most competative  prices.                      

Here at Madame Bridal we understand planning your wedding party is time consuming.       

Whether you are getting married, planning a big birthday bash, going to prom or you need an evening gown or a cocktail dress for that special occasion we are here to assist you. We make every effort to facilitate your online dress shopping and make sure your experience with our company is effortless and pleasant. Our award winning bridal services and our Better Business Bureau's A- rating is only a few accolades awarded to our company throughout thirty years of service to our customers and the Bridal community. We provide your party with the highest quality dresses from the original designers  at best possible price.        

If you are a Bride, a Bridesmaid, a Mother of Bride or if you are in the market for flower girl dresses or just a beautiful dress as a wedding guest you would look no further than www.madamebridal.com        

Placing your order with our company means you have entrusted us with an important event in your life. We will spare no effort to complete your order with competitive pricing, on time delivery and a continuous flow of information as to the status of your order. Our recommendation is to place your order well ahead of your event so you would have plenty of time for some possible alterations.             

Buying Smart:

Sometimes finding a bargain is not a bargain at all.
Are you planning your purchase from the cheapest guy on the Internet?
Please don't! Even if you decide not to purchase from our website please read on...
We make a concerted effort to give you the best service at the lowest price available. In other words, our prices are among the lowest on the Internet. If your goal is to do some comparative shopping, please consider our top 5 recommendations:
1 - Purchase your dress from an authorized retailer. 
* It is very easy to check for authorized retailers. Go to manufacturer's website (Dessy, Mori Lee, Allure, etc.). Find the button that directs you to their authorized retailers. It will usually be written as "FIND A STORE" or "WHERE TO BUY”.
* Search us by placing the State (Florida) and the zip code (33426) or your own state and zip code.
* If you can't find the website with the cheapest price on the manufacturer's website then you are buying a fake.
2 - Buy from websites that have an actual “Brick and Mortar” physical location. 
* Our store is in Boynton Beach, Florida in the same town for 30 years.
* If the cheapest guys are strictly Internet retailers, please beware and follow our next suggestions...
3 - Look for what other people are saying about the retailer. 
* How many reviews? How often? Please remember that genuine reviews come from the heart. Reviews that start with "This place is awesome" or "the best store ever" could be OK from time to time but usually they are disingenuous and placed  by the owner of the website.
* Genuine reviews are steady and are spread out over an even time period. Fantastic reviews, on the other hand, are usually posted over a very short time period. Any legitimate business will have good and bad reviews. Obviously the number of good review should be much greater than bad ones.  
4- If the price of a designer dress does not fall within the price range of all other stores and it is much cheaper it is a Chinese cheap duplicate.
* There expression "If It Is Too Good To Be True" applies in this case. 
5 - Beware of hyperbole on the Internet. 
* We want all our customers to know that we are still a good, old fashioned, small, family-run business. We employ local people who have been with us for a long time.
And we know fashion. We come from a generation of clothing retailers. 
Our goal is to remain a small, customer service oriented retailer. We don't need to make a ton of money. We rather give the very best service at the very best price.



Are all of dresses on your site from original designers?

We are proud to be an authorized retailer for all the brands we carry. We do not sell copies or duplicates. All our dresses are from the original designers. We want you to know whether you order from www.madamebridal.com or visit our store in Boynton Beach, Florida you will be receiving an authentic dress of the highest quality and workmanship from the brand name companies.

Please be aware of misinformation on the internet. We strive to educate our customers about how to find out if a company carries original dresses. To find out please go to the company websites and look for authorized retailers in your area. Please place the name of the city and the state as well as the zip code in the store finder/authorized retailer section of the company website. You will be able to locate authorized retailers in your area. Our store is in Boynton Beach, Florida and our zip code is 33426.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us at 561-736-8588 or email info@madamebridal.com

We strive to give you the highest quality gowns, at best possible price, from the original designers. We look forward to earning your business.


Delivery Times

What is the time frame of delivery for a dress?

Stock dresses can be delivered to your address within 7-14 business days from the day of your purchase. Stock dresses that are to be delivered to an international location will be shipped within 10-20 days depending on the shipping address. Quicker deliveries can be selected from our shipping and delivery options.

Depending on the item you choose, production and delivery for non-stock dresses can vary. We encourage placing your order well ahead of your event so you will have plenty of time for some possible alterations.  In some instances you could receive your products as quick as 7-8 weeks.  Some emergency orders could be shipped within 10 working days. We urge you to place your order with us and specify your Event Date. You can be assured that we will do our best effort for on time delivery. You can place your order with confidence knowing we are able to process your order within your required or emergency time and proceed to place your order immediately.

Are all of the dresses on your website in stock and ready to ship?

Many of the dresses on our website are available to ship right away and/or within 3-10 business days with our standard shipping, however everything is subject to stock availability and some sizes and colors may not be available for immediate shipping. We encourage you to contact us to check stock. You can call us at 561-736-8588 or email us at info@madamebridal.com

What is a special order?

A special order is when a dress is not in stock but it can be ordered from the manufacturer. The normal time frame for special orders is 10-12 weeks approximately. Once you place your order and we place it with the manufacturer, we will send you an email confirmation with the expected delivery time of your special order dress.

What is the time of delivery for bridesmaid dresses?

Regular shipping dates for most bridesmaids orders are 12- 14 weeks approximately.  Please order your bridesmaids dresses allowing 12-14 weeks for delivery. Please keep in mind you may need some possible alterations and allow additional time for alterations after you receive your dresses. Please make sure to know that all expected deliveries are approximate so make sure to have plenty of time for alterations. Quicker production and delivery options are available. Dresses could be ordered on rush and deliveries differ from company to company. You can see delivery schedules prior to completing your order on our shopping cart. This information will allow you to determine the best method to order your dresses.  If you have any questions you can email info@madamebridal.com or call us at 561-736-8588

We encourage placing your order well ahead of your event so you will have plenty of time for some possible alterations.  In some instances you could receive your products as quick as 7-8 weeks. 

What is rush delivery for bridesmaids?

Rush production and priority shipping is available and can be ordered from our website. Rush production is approximately 7-10 weeks. The production charge varies among different bridesmaid companies and it is calculated from $30.00-$60.00 depending on the bridesmaid designer. The rush production charges are indicated on our shopping cart. We urge our customers who are selecting rush production to upgrade their shipping.      

Why am I being charged for rush production and shipping as well?

Rush production charges and shipping charges are not the same. Rush production charge is so the manufacturer can produce the dress/dresses faster. Shipping charge is once your dress arrives to our store and its ready to be shipped to you.

Why does it take so long to get a bridesmaid dress?

Bridesmaid dresses are made to order; manufacturers do not have stock of these dresses. Once we receive a bridesmaid order, we placed the order with the manufacturer, this is why we say they are made to order, and it does not mean they are made to your exact measurements.


Sizing and Measurements

Can I have a dress made with my measurements?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Manufacturers make their dresses in accordance to their size charts. Every manufacturer has a different size chart so we encourage all of our customers to get measured professionally before making a sizing decision.

How do I determine my measurements?

How to Measure

I got measured professionally but my measurements are very different from the size chart, what size should I pick?

If you are in between sizes, we always recommend going one size up. If you get a smaller dress, there is nothing you can do but if the dress is a little bigger, you can always get alterations.

How long are the dresses?

Length varies by designer and style. In some instances, you can see on the size chart the length of the dresses. If that information is not provided, please call us at 561-736-8588 or email us at info@madamebridal.com and we will find out for you.


Signature requirement and address change:

For your protection all orders are shipped insured and require a signature receipt.  If you work and you are unable to sign for your order please email us info@madamebridal.com to request a signature waiver.  When you are requesting a signature waiver please specify your name, shipping address and order number.  Please make sure your request for signature waiver is sent from the same email address as your order.       

In case you are moving you can ask for an address change as long as your dresses are not shipped and the request is sent from the person ordering and the email address on file.          


Fabric and Swatch

How can I tell what Fabric the dress is made off?

If you do not see the fabric type on the description, you may call us at 561-736-8588 or email us at info@madamebridal.com and we will find out for you.

Can I get a color swatch prior to placing my order?

Yes you can. You can send us an email to info@madamebridal.com requesting a swatch.  We can only provide you with a swatch if the manufacturer can provide it. Most bridesmaid companies will allow us to order swatches from them.


Color Scheme and Swatches:

Color options are shown next to each product. Please note colors on your computer screen may vary from the actual manufacturer's color. In some instances swatches could be obtained by contacting manufacturers directly. Colors vary from one company to next. For example if you are planning on ordering different dresses from different companies providing color Orchid the color may vary from company to company.   


Free Stuff

*If you qualify for free accessories which may include shoes, veil or earrings, please note that these styles may differ from the picture upon availability at the time we ship your item.

Some purchases qualify for free accessories such as earrings, shoes, and veil. When you place your order for the dresses that qualify for free accessories we pair up your dress to the best available matching accessory. 

All our accessories are beautiful and we select them based on the trend and fashion of the season.

We are unable to substitute, change or take back any of these gifts. 



How long does standard shipping take?

5-7 business days.

Do you offer faster shipping?

Yes we do. We offer 7 business days shipping and 5 business days shipping. You will be able to see the price when you add an item to your shopping cart. It will allow you to calculate the shipping before entering any other information.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we do. All orders in the US get free shipping on orders over $300.00

Do you offer free international shipping?

We do not. Please see International Shipping Rates for more info.

How long will it take to get my dress if I select standard shipping and I am an international customer?

15-20 business days.

Do you offer upgraded shipping to international countries?

Yes we do. We offer 10-15 business days and 7-10 business days. You will be able to see the price when you add an item to your shopping cart. It will allow you to calculate the shipping before entering any other information.

Do you ship with signature required?

Yes, all of our dresses are shipped via USPS using signature require for the protection of our customer. If you wish to waive the signature require, please email us at info@madamebridal.com

When you are requesting a signature waiver please specify your name, shipping address and order number.  Please make sure your request for signature waiver is sent from the same email address as your order.



What methods of payment do you accept?

All of our payments are processed through Paypal, the safest way for our customers.

We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Do I have to pay for the dress before I receive it?

Yes you do. We cannot process any order without full payment.

When do you charge my credit card/Paypal account?

When you place your order online, your credit card/Paypal account will be authorized for the full purchase amount when your order is submitted.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge 7% sales tax on orders shipping within Florida.

Do you charge sales tax when shipping international?

When shipping international, we ship everything as a gift to avoid custom charges for our customers, but custom charges are not charges that we can control. Custom charges will vary from country to country.


Placing an order

How do I place an order?

The easiest and fastest way to place an order is to do it online. You will have to select your size, color, event date and any additional option and then click “Add to Cart”.  The next window will ask you to enter your state and zip code (on the bottom) so that you can see the shipping prices and you can click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours.

How do I know my order was submitted properly?

If the order was submitted properly, you will receive an automatic email with the order placed and it will include your invoice number.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes you can. You may call us Monday through Saturday 10am EST to 9pm EST and Sunday 12pm EST to 6pm EST. You may call us at 561-736-8588 to speak with one of our customer service representatives and they will gladly take your order over the phone.

Help! I need a dress fast and I have no time.

No problem, we will help you find the dress of your dreams. Please call us 561-736-8588 to speak with one of our customer service representatives they will gladly assist you.

We are also available to chat!


Order status/Order Changes

How do I check the status of my order?

You may check the status of your order here: Order Status

You may also call us 561-736-8588 or email us info@madamebridal.com and we will gladly check the status of your order for you.

Please keep in mind that bridesmaid dresses, maternity bridesmaid dresses, junior bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses are made to order and there will be no updated status until closer to the expected delivery we have provided you with.

I need to change the size/color of my dress, what do I need to do?

Please contact us at 561-736-8588 or info@madamebridal.com so we can process the change for you. If it’s a bridesmaid dress and the dress already went into production, we will not be able to change the size and/or color.

If the dress has already ship to you or us, we will not be able to change the size and/or color either.

How do I change my shipping address?

In case you are moving you can ask for an address change as long as your dresses are not shipped and the request is sent from the person ordering and the email address on file. You may email the request to info@madamebridal.com

If the email does not come from the email address on file, the change of address request will not be processed.



How many stores do you have?

We currently have 1 store in Boynton Beach Florida.

Our address is:

801 North Congress Ave # 853

Boynton Beach Fl 33426


Sales and Use Tax:

As per Florida Law, Residents of Florida will be charged 7% on all internet transactions. All other locations are not subject to any taxes and our products will be shipped tax free. 



Help is here for any questions you may have. We have been in the bridal business for over three generations. We have an actual brick and mortar store in Palm Beach County, Florida for over 25 years in the same location. We are honored and humbled you have selected Madamebridal.com for your wedding.      

If you have any questions about our Award Winning Bridal Services or our dynamic product line please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us!       

Phone #: 561-736-8588       

Email us: info@madamebridal.com  

Enjoy your shopping.