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Natural Wedding Makeup Tips: Simple Steps for a Flawless Bridal Look

Getting ready for your wedding the day of your wedding is an exciting and stressful time! There are so many other details to worry about; your wedding day makeup doesn’t need to be one of them. Whether you’ve hired a makeup artist or have watched countless YouTube tutorials and are confident in your steady hand when applying eyeliner, you have high expectations to look flawless.

It’s a myth that brides have to wear heavier makeup just because it’s a wedding and they’re being photographed. On your wedding day, you want to look like the most beautiful version of yourself – not an overdone bridal version of yourself. (more…)

By | August 13th, 2018|Style & Beauty|

8 Stunning Simple Wedding Dresses for a Modern Bride

Simple wedding dresses are always on trend, mostly because it’s a type of dress that never goes out of style, but ever since Meghan Markle decided to keep it chic and simple for her very own royal wedding, understated elegance is the bridal style that is more sought after than ever.

Whether you are a fan of minimalist fashion, or you want to feel comfortable on your wedding day, while looking effortlessly chic, simple wedding dresses are the perfect choice. Don’t fall under the pressure to choose a “wedding dress,” with more bling and details, if it just really doesn’t feel like you. (more…)

By | August 3rd, 2018|Dresses & Gowns, Fashion & Trends|

Balloon Décor and Centerpieces for the Wedding

Nothing can play up the festive feel of any celebration like balloons. The same goes for your wedding. Wedding balloons are one of the hottest trends in wedding decor this year and can totally transform your venue.

Balloons are a great cost-effective way to add some color and some pop to your wedding. Whether your venue is big or small, a stunning display of balloons around the entrance or dance floor, as a ceiling display, or incorporated into your centerpieces is a gorgeous finishing touch and will wow your guests. (more…)

By | July 25th, 2018|Wedding Planning|

Help Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning a perfect wedding there is a lot of hype about choosing the perfect wedding dress, making the venue decor looking magical, coming up with a perfect menu and picking the bridesmaid dresses. But what about those without whom the wedding wouldn’t happen in the first place – our lovely moms. Brides often (rightfully though) get into “this is my day” mindset, but be sure that your mother is just as excited as you are, often even more. Just imagine seeing your little baby all grown up, walking down the aisle to start a whole new life. Mothers fell excited, emotional, overwhelmed, probably having hard time just keeping it together and not stress you out more than you already are, and they still have to find a perfect dress. And just think about it, like mother, like daughter – all eyes will be on the bride’s mother, trying to guess what the bride will look like in 20-30 years. That is a lot of pressure to look your best. (more…)

By | July 20th, 2018|Dresses & Gowns, Wedding Planning|

Supermarket Wedding Cakes? Ordering a Wedding Cake from a Grocery Store

Often considered a centerpiece of a wedding reception, wedding cake is not something you would find in a grocery store, right? Well, it turns out that in a wake of new cost-consciousness, even for weddings, that supermarkets are moving in on the gilded wedding cake business with more finesses that you would imagine. Nowadays, supermarkets are actually hiring people who are inclined to decorating cakes, and bakery employees have decorating skills beyond the ones they display for their stores’ standard cakes. (more…)

By | June 26th, 2018|Wedding Planning|

Destination Wedding Favors Sure to Impress

Ask any bride-to-be and she’ll probably tell you that planning for the big day can be a hectic experience!

From scouting vendors to floral arrangement to food to finding the perfect venue – making sure the big day looks as magical as it feels can be a chore.

Add planning a destination wedding to the list, and things can get even crazier! Arranging travel itineraries and hotel accommodations for yourself and your guests brings the magic of your wedding ceremony to a whole new level. So, you’ll probably want to send your guests home with something special to remember the day with! (more…)

By | June 21st, 2018|Wedding Planning|