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Top 100 Dresses for Bridesmaids

Weddings are a bride’s time to shine. A moment in every women’s life when she’s entitled to feel like a queen, to live her own fairy tale and to dazzle everyone with her beauty. It is her opportunity to make an impression that will last in the memory of her guests for a long time. But somewhere between white sparkly dress, beaded veils and shimmery shoes, there is a girl (or girls) that can make a bride stand out even more. We are talking about bridesmaids, bride’s help and support, extra pair of eyes and in some way the ultimate accessory. Just for you, our dear bridesmaids, we have made a selection of 100 most popular bridesmaid dresses from the best designers.

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Bridesmaid Dresses Popular Styles

You may be thrilled to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but less than delighted when you realize you have to foot the bill for a dress you may never fancy wearing again. Visions of being clad in an over the top gown with frills and fancy embellishments that will look totally out of place in your everyday wardrobe may well send a cold shiver down your spine. With bridesmaid dresses often carrying a high price tag it is a relief to know that many of the more modern gowns are truly wearable again and will suit your individual style enough to become a must have wardrobe staple.

The latest trend in bridesmaid dresses steers away from the traditional cringe making pink puffs and extravagant flounces, veering instead towards simpler, well-cut dresses with the stamp of timeless elegance. City chic designs are perfect for smart day wear and elegant evening dresses are equally in place at formal events and sophisticated soirees. There are fabulously flirty designs that you will want to party in more than once. These modish styles transition seamlessly from the bridal aisle to any number of other occasions. Modern bridesmaid dresses not only carry the feel good factor but have that vital wearable factor too.

Many brides are choosing sophisticated yet relaxed wedding gowns with an element of surprise, such as sheer skirts and cut-out backs. This less traditional trend lends itself well to bridesmaids dressing with an individual look they will choose as they know it is a look they will return to. The wedding theme can be brought together with color or fabric choice, but no longer compels each bridesmaid to look like a ruffled clone.

Whatever your choice of bridesmaid dress style is you can be sure that at Madame Bridal you can find nothing but 100% authentic designs from the best designers in the bridal industry.