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A Shawl by another Name

To keep that chill off your shoulders or just to be fashionable, wear a shawl. A shawl is a wrap or a stole and some are referred to as pashminas. Whichever term you use, this wonderful length of fabric makes a stunning and feminine difference in the look of your gown and serves to keep your shoulders warm or add some distinctive drama to your dress.

The heavenly addition of a pashmina is something that Dessy and Eden provide for your formal event. Include this romantic wrap as part of your look. On Dessy’s website you will find the many ways to wear your pashmina.

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Eden provides shawls that are elaborate wardrobe pieces. The beauty and sophistication of each piece is provided from designers who think glamour still needs to reign at a formal affair.

The term shawl refers to a wider fabric to cover your formal dress whereas a stole is a narrow width of fabric. The stole or shawl can be made from many different kinds of fabric and the stoles which are embellished velvet or embroidered satin are lined for that finished look of beauty.

Add drama to your ball gown or cocktail dress by wearing a graceful shawl looped over your elbows or hugging your shoulders and midriff. The glamour of the shawl is meant to complement your gown and not to override it. However, if you want to dress up a simple strapless black cocktail dress from your wardrobe, use a shawl or a stole with some personality and give your pre-worn dress a new look.

The ways to tie a shawl are numerous. Take a look at some of the YouTube videos of the Hollywood celebrities to get some ideas. Be as fashionable in your efforts as the shawl or stole will allow and remember this is an accessory for your dress.

Wedding stoles are practical and sublime to wear with your wedding gown from church to reception. Sometimes that little flair provided by it will be an exquisite addition to an already stunning gown.

Get ready to use the shawl as a much desired accessory for your formal occasions.