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Mori Lee Jackets Offers Quality and Beauty

Mori Lee Bridesmaid Jackets are long on quality and beauty. The two jackets offered are delightful 3/4” sleeve designs and the colors offered are splendid.

Bridesmaid Jackets serve a couple of purposes: the jacket gives the dress a modest look and the jacket will keep the chill of the shoulders until the party heats up!

With a taffeta style, Mori Lee gives the hem of the turned back cuffs a lovely slit to embellish the entire look and the detail brings a regal and finished look. Mori Lee Bridesmaid Jacket 842 shows a set in sleeve and a flattering cutaway design the hugs the neck. When you choose a Mori Lee Bridesmaid or Mother-of-the bride dress, you will more than likely be able to complete the dress with this jacket.

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For help with measuring and color matching, click the chat button and let the bridal consultant help.

For another style, Mori Lee offers Bridesmaid Jacket 841. This very soft and feminine jacket is made in Satin. The smooth look will complement another Mori Lee satin fashions and you will love the simplicity of the jacket. It is a 3/4” sleeve with a simple finish and this jacket is available in numerous colors for any season.

If your bridal party needs that jacket for the church ceremony, don’t hesitate to look at Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dresses and then choose the bridesmaid jacket style that suits you.

If your mother or his wants to wear a strapless gown but needs a jacket to cover her shoulders, tell her about the two wonderful designs you have found. She will wear the jacket more than once when she sees how it complements other dresses in her wardrobe.

You are lucky to have Mori Lee Bridesmaids Jackets. The quality and styling is excellent and the colors will delight you. Go ahead and have a Mori Lee Wedding…you are not the only one who will love the look!