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Bridesmaid Dresses for Pregnant Bridesmaids

If a bridesmaid announces her pregnancy as you are planning your wedding there is no need to exclude her from the celebrations or relegate her to the demoted role of guest. You can share her excitement and ensure she looks wonderful as a bridesmaid by selecting a specially designed maternity bridesmaid dress that allows her to look fabulous while feeling comfortable. Shopping online with Madame Bridal for a maternity bridesmaid dress reduces the stress involved of trailing round the shops in her delicate condition and allows you to browse a selection of flattering styles by some of the leading manufacturers of bridal wear. Some of the styles are designed to match the bridesmaid dresses in one of the regular ranges or others complement well the styles your other bridesmaids will be wearing.

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Leading designers such as Bari Jay, Dessy, Alfred Sung and After Six now create maternity bridesmaid dresses your pregnant bridesmaid will love to wear. Figures indicate that it is increasingly common for the bridesmaids to include at least one pregnant woman among their number, and brides-to-be should even consider that some of their chosen bridesmaids may become pregnant as the wedding preparations are underway and the selection of dresses may need re-thinking. There is no longer a need to simply purchase a dress in a larger size, with fingers crossed that it won’t need too many alterations before the wedding day. This was often the only option in earlier days before designers tuned into the desire of brides to really want to include their pregnant friends as a central part of the festivities. Bari Jay caters to maternity sizes ranging from 2 to 20, while Dessy and After Six sizes range all the way through from 0 to 30W.

The impending birth can create a special bond between a bride and her bridesmaid, as they both have something unique to celebrate. Designers’ awareness of this bond has created new opportunities for the mother-to-be to really be fully included in the wedding and take her rightful place in the line up and photographs. A beautiful dress will spotlight her radiant bloom and bring added joy to the celluloid memories they will share. The modern bride wants to share her moment surrounded with beautiful friends that are completely happy with the dresses they wear.

Maternity dresses allow your bridesmaid to select a gown in her pre-pregnancy size as the designs make allowances for changes in the pregnant body. The dresses carried by Madame Bridal are carefully selected to draw attention to the blooming bridesmaid’s best features. Full-length gowns flow gently for ease of movement, creating A-line silhouettes that are most flattering to the pregnant figure, while hiding swollen ankles. Ideally a dress should be floor-length without a train to avoid tripping over surplus fabric and to allow her a choice of comfortable shoes that are in keeping with her outfit.

Every bridesmaid would prefer a dress she really loves and would be happy to wear again. The dresses that have been gathered on these pages are perfect for other evening occasions. This is particularly pertinent for a woman with a baby on the way who may well be more constrained regarding the financial outlay of purchasing new clothes with a restricted time limit of wear. A well cut quality dress can be just the boost she needs and an excuse for dressing up for other social occasions. The simple sophistication of many of these styles ensures they will not be relegated to the back of the wardrobe after just one day.

The stage of pregnancy by the wedding day will influence the style your bridesmaid chooses to wear. In the early months there is little need for adjustments to her usual style and nipped in waistlines can still be showcased. As the pregnancy bump gets bigger it is greatly enhanced by a dress with a high empire waistline. Your bridesmaid can flaunt her bump with pride in a well cut dress that is stylishly draped to embrace her new figure. It may be prudent to wait as long as possible before ordering the dress to ensure it fits well if the pregnancy brings more changes to the figure than anticipated. It may be hard to guesstimate how much weight a pregnant woman may acquire during the course of the months or if her weight will indeed fluctuate much. She may well blossom beautifully or retain a slim figure with an obvious yet cute baby bump.

One body change many women experience and find attractively alluring during pregnancy is a larger bust resulting in a stunning cleavage. This can be accentuated to advantage in a strapless sweetheart gown or a halter dress with a sweetheart neckline. Other necklines that draw attention to the upper part of the body include a V-notched scoop, an illusion lace jewel neckline and a sheer V-neckline. Removable spaghetti straps are included with the strapless gowns, offering an extra touch of comfort and confidence.

Further attention is drawn to the cleavage and away from the bump when a sweetheart neckline is combined with an empire waistline. Empires not only accentuate the neckline, but elongate the body in a graceful way. Different styles of empire are represented in this collection by twisted bands and inverted Vs. They are brilliant at accommodating a large bump comfortably; something the heavily pregnant bridesmaid will greatly appreciate. Specially designed maternity gowns allow optimum comfort throughout the day. In the final trimester a woman will not want to hide her bump, preferring to celebrate the imminent arrival by drawing attention to her femininity. Empire waistlines offer the advantage of allowing for a more roomy skirt with a natural flow that is less likely to feel too tight as the special day arrives.

The choice of fabric is as important for comfort as it is for shaping the flow of the dress. Lightweight chiffon, Lux chiffon and Bella chiffon feature in these collections, along with crinkle chiffon and a heavier chiffon knit. Nu-Georgette is another lightweight choice while silky charmeuse cascades smoothly. Charmeuse is fashioned into elegant one-shoulder dresses with asymmetrical necklines, a flattering choice to conceal a heavy bust. Lace and Marquis lace are used to overlay bodices and create illusion necklines, adding a textured element with great appeal while drawing attention away from the mid section towards the face and neck.

One feature these specially designed dresses avoid is the use of obtrusive embellishments which would garner attention to the baby bump. Softly flowing lines create a fresh image, with adornments kept to a minimum and reserved for the pregnant woman that is not too far along. The subtle use of a floral applique, or a ruffled flounce on a full-length skirt are feminine adornments that are not overly distracting. Ruching is used to stunning effect on high waist bodices with surplice cuts once again accentuating the enhanced bust line.

Your pregnant bridesmaid can be an integral part of the bridal party and even wear a dress from the collection that is perfectly matched to another dress from the same designer, just as junior bridesmaid dresses are often matched to the regular styles. Even if a different style dress is chosen the bridesmaids can still be coordinated through the choice of fabric, length or color. Dessy and Bari Jay are both renowned for the wide array of colors they offer, ranging from the softest pastels through enticingly bright colors and dark, sultry hues.

Bridal fashion houses that move with the times are astute in appreciating the fashion-forward decision to include maternity bridesmaid dresses in their collections, accommodating a need that was too often overlooked in the past. If you are a modern bride that embraces the idea of sharing your moment with your pregnant friend then you will appreciate that she deserves a dress that highlights her femininity while comfortably accommodating her bump.