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Pageant Dresses by Laine Berry

Projecting a dramatic, sophisticated and sexy image is the look women strive to achieve when competing in pageants. The overt glitz of younger girl’s pageants is replaced with a chic image and a mysterious air. The Laine Berry by Mon Cheri collection of pageant dresses for women encapsulates the haute couture look the mature competitor aims for. Laine Berry, as a former pageant winner, is uniquely placed to know exactly the image competitors wish to convey. Laine Berry is the lead designer for the haute couture pageant line at Mon Cheri and her beauty pageant dresses are all about a stylish cut and contemporary modish drape. Many women entering beauty contests have taken the crown wearing one of Laine Berry’s amazing designs. In fact, she has dressed over one hundred state beauty contest winners.

Laine Berry pageant evening gowns stand out as catwalk originals and the women drawn to them appreciate the sophistication of this red carpet look. The way in which the luxuriant fabrics are styled into flattering silhouettes is the key to the success of this stunningly dramatic line. The line encompasses fitted silhouettes cleaving sensually to the figure and trumpet silhouettes flaring sensationally. A-line over skirts billow deliciously around fitted dresses from the back waistline and inset sweep trains add a dramatic flourish. The drape of the fabrics is fluid and sensational, catching the eye as a woman moves gracefully across the stage.

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Pageant Dresses Online

Many beauty show competitors live in areas away from busy cities and appreciate the ease of choosing their dress from an online retailer. Madame Bridal carries Laine Berry pageant dresses online which is a boon to those competitors who face enough travel in reaching the pageant competition destination. Laine Berry dresses are at the pricey end, but it is a price worth paying for the competitive advantage such a gorgeous choice of dress bestows. A dress that fits to perfection imbues the wearer with an innate confidence which is vital on the stage. The pageant gowns in this line can also be worn again to evening events that demand a certain cachet.

It is worth investing in an expensive dress, as some of the winning prizes are quite considerable sums of cash or sponsorship of a college education. While some people may dismiss these types of events as dated, others still appreciate the advantages competing can lead to. In addition to the prizes, some women find the competitions empowering, become more confident, reap the benefits of travel and expand their personal knowledge by reading about current affairs for the interview questions. They can make important contacts and feel personal pride in representing their state and projecting a positive image as an example to young girls. They take a pride in their appearance which transitions into always presenting an immaculate image in their chosen careers.

Design details of Pageant Gowns

Laine Berry's pageant gowns are daringly provocative without being revealing. A full-length skirt may showcase a sensual high-thigh slit or a V-neckline may plunge open to the waistline, but is tempered by long sleeves. Long sleeve pageant dresses are included in this line and exude elegance. This haute-couture collection offers a variety of necklines ranging from straight strapless, strapless sweetheart, halter, square and asymmetrical one-shoulder. Other outstanding features one associates with the cutting edge designs of Laine Berry are enticing racer backs, Chandelier beading and side cutouts.

This collection utilizes a range of beautiful fabrics, using silk Shantung, Mikado, silky satin, silk charmeuse, faille, velvet, silk crepe and beaded mesh. The gowns are chic without the need for adornments and embellishments are kept to the minimum, reinforcing the idea that the beauty of these pageant dresses is in the cut and drape. Fabrics such as silk Shantung and Mikado have a natural sheen that shimmers from the stage, ensuring the Laine Berry collection is the perfect choice for pageant interview dresses. The woman who is confident in her attire will exude confidence when she is asked difficult questions in front of a live audience. This line has a highly personalized feel that will resonate with the judges as they consider how well the chosen dress reflects the personality of the competitor. Laine Berry dresses move effortlessly, in tune with the woman’s movements, as though the gown is a natural extension of her very femininity.

For the ultimate in the best pageant gowns Laine Berry by Mon Cheri makes a sophisticated statement with a striking stage presence. These stand-out dresses are the very essence of haute-couture pageant fashion combined with cutting edge daring, a luxuriant feel and sensual appeal.