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Choose Dessy for Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have been asked to be a bridesmaid when you are pregnant then the wedding is a cause for a double celebration as you both have something exciting to share. The bride will be looking forward to her radiant entrance and her day in the spotlight and you will be by her side in the full bloom of pregnant beauty. One of the most popular bridal houses is the Dessy Group and they have added a range of maternity bridesmaid dresses to their different lines, which complement their regular lines. Designers from the Dessy, Alfred Sung and After Six brands have created dresses to flatter the pregnant figure. Madame Bridal is always in tune with the latest developments in bridal fashions and is happy to cater to mothers-to-be with this fashion-forward line of Dessy maternity bridesmaid dresses.

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Alfred Sung Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Dessy is a family company founded in 1939 and has a wealth of experience in designing dresses for bridesmaids. Their maternity range is in keeping with the distinctive styles associated with their various lines. After Six was created with formal weddings in mind and the dresses have an elegance and sophistication associated with evening wear. Alfred Sung is renowned for focusing on clean lines and offers modern yet timeless fashions of quality and style. Sung strives to ensure all the components of his designs are harmonious. The maternity dresses across the various Dessy lines are designed not only for the wedding, but to be worn at other dressy events throughout the pregnancy, thus providing good value for money.

Pregnant women deserve dresses that are specifically designed for their changing figures rather than having to resort to buying larger sizes which donít fit well and can appear too voluminous. Dessy dresses are designed to fit well everywhere. Simply opting for a larger size can make a woman look bigger everywhere. Maternity dresses provide a far more comfortable option than trying to squeeze into a regular dress that may be too constricting or need alternations ahead of the wedding day. Dessy advise that pregnant bridesmaids should refer to their standard size chart, but just use the bust measurement as a guide to a dress with the perfect fit.

There are guidelines created by fashion experts that advise pregnant women on how to choose the best look for their condition. There is advice to look for a single block color as more slimming than patterns and advice to choose dresses in soft fabrics that flow in long lines as these are most flattering. Dessy incorporates these helpful tips into their collections by creating long flowing dresses with A-line silhouettes, in single block colors. Their dresses are created in soft fabrics such as Lux chiffon, Nu-georgette and chiffon knit, offering a sweeping flow and comfort. Their full-length gowns are sleeveless or strapless, mindful that pregnant ladies may experience fluctuations in temperature and need to keep cool. Comfort is paramount on the wedding day, as the day can be long and tiring. The bridesmaid will want to join in as much as she can and not sat on the sidelines overheating.

Other useful tips which pregnant women can follow include adhering to styles that best flatter the way the bump is carried. If the bump is carried high then dresses with empire waists are most flattering, while if the bump is carried low it is flattering to accentuate the natural waistline. Dessy features dresses with both empire and standard waistlines. Asymmetrical ruching on high waist bodices is recommended as one of the most flattering styles and once again Dessy makes a point of including this feature in their lines.

A distinctive neckline is a great way to focus attention on the face and neck and away from the bump. Both strapless sweetheart and V-necklines can accentuate an alluring cleavage. V-backs that mirror the necklines add a harmonious element. If you opt for a strapless dress you may be reassured to know that optional spaghetti straps are included. Dessy uses romantic Marquis lace to create illusion necklines. Vertical and asymmetrical ruching is used on surplice and twist wrapped bodices to focus the eye and create elegant style.

The maternity dresses in the collection are free of fussy embellishments, focusing instead on clean lines. More consideration is given to the cut and fit than to superfluous adornments which may detract from the slim line silhouette. Instead the adornment is in the detail of a twisted or crossover line on a bodice, or in the simple ties that fasten in the back to nip in a waistline. Long skirts flow easily with the softest of gathers to finish in floor-length hemlines, without the distraction of trains. The long skirts are perfect for perhaps hiding the need for comfortable shoes and the lack of trains means there is no superfluous fabric which could become a trip hazard. Dessy adheres to the A-line silhouette as the most flattering and graceful, but also the one that most complements the other dresses for the bridesmaids that are not pregnant, assuring a cohesive look.

The color choice offered by Dessy is unparalleled in its variety with some of the dresses available in up to 110 colors. The bride will invariably elect the color scheme and the pregnant bridesmaid can match the other ladies in the bridal party in color. Many pregnant women believe that dark colors are best suited to their condition as more slimming, but this is not a hard and fast rule. A bright color can be just as flattering and there is no need to hide in something dark if the bride wants something bright.

After Six Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

After Six has a particularly appealing color palette that introduces some fantastic shades such as Spanish red, suede rose, cameo, topaz, charcoal gray and oyster. Alfred Sung and Dessy share a palette that includes flame, forever pink and firecracker; maize, majestic, midnight and Mediterranean. The choice is eclectic and enchanting, incorporating variations of blue that run through smoke blue, ocean blue, Newport blue and electric blue, to blue bonnet. Other intriguing colors are available such as tangerine tango and tutti fruit.

The Dessy line offers pregnant bridesmaids the opportunity to be graceful and elegant in comfort. You will look simply beautiful as you precede the bride up the aisle, perhaps holding a small bouquet over the bump. Your joy will shine out as you pose with the happy couple for the wedding photographs and your bump may even feature prominently in some of the pictures. The comfort the dress offers will be appreciated as you sit through the speeches and take your turn to be twirled around the dance floor. When you wear such a stylish dress you will feel completely beautiful and the bride will be so thrilled and filled with pride that you are participating fully in her most memorable of days. You will be able to share your delight with your baby that he or she was actually in attendance at the wedding, creating a special bond between your child and the happy couple that will last a lifetime.

The beauty of these Dessy dresses is that you can wear them again after the wedding, right up to your due date. If you have parties or other events to attend there is nothing too obviously bridesmaid about the dresses. A dress from this line can be worn for a romantic evening out or a swish cocktail party. They are completely feminine and can be worn to celebrate the holidays and birthdays, or special evenings on a romantic vacation. They are so gorgeous you will be tempted to keep them after the birth to wear again for your next pregnancy.

Take you place proudly by the bride, confident that your Dessy dress accentuates and flatters your pregnant figure, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. This high fashion maternity line assures you will look wonderful in comfort from the start of the day to the end of the evening.