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Dessy Junior Dresses for Bridesmaid Collection

The Dessy Junior Bridesmaid dress collection is designed with the pre-teen and young teenager in mind so they can be part of the ceremony on your special day. Madame Bridal carries the full Dessy age range so that you can dress all your bridesmaids in coordinated splendour.

The role of junior bridesmaid is an important one for the bride and for the young lady she chooses to accept the honor. Just as the youngest family members or friends are asked to play the part of flower girls, those slightly older; such as middle sisters, younger cousins and/or friends of the family, can still participate. And when it comes to ensuring your junior bridesmaids are dressed to perfection, Dessy is your best choice for the widest variety of matching and/or contrasting styles.

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You may want your junior bridesmaid to perhaps stand out in individual style or you may prefer her to wear an identical or similar dress to the older bridesmaids, possibly modified to a more modest silhouette if the overall look is too mature. Many of the Dessy dresses for the youth are specifically designed as junior versions of the adult dresses, thus coordinating perfectly for a uniform look. They are sewn with the same fine fabrics. You may wish to choose the same style but opt for a different color and the junior bridesmaid dresses are available in an array of up to 114 colors. There is also the option of having the junior bridesmaid wear a shorter version of a similar dress.

Not only do these junior dresses often complement the adult styles, but they are delightful gowns that young ladies will be excited to dress up in and wear again for other occasions. The tasteful styles will make the youngest lady-in-waiting feel quite grown-up. They are an affordable and desirable choice when it comes to quality design and manufacture.

Dessy's dresses are created in quality fabrics which include Dupioni silk, sateen twill, matte satin, Lux chiffon, Nu-Georgette, Peau de Soie and chiffon knit. They pay attention to the details and embellish these A-line silhouette dresses with understated embellishments such as fabric floral appliques and slim, flat bow belts. Ruching and pleats are honed to perfection and complemented with a wonderful selection of pleasing and flattering necklines.

Their wonderful line of bridesmaid dresses ensures there is no worry in having to exclude any of your younger friends or family members from the wedding day line-up. Their junior bridesmaid styles will delight those younger members and create a worry-free synchronization of gorgeous bridesmaids.