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Bill Levkoff Adorable Flower Girl Dresses

One of the most breathtaking moments of the wedding is the arrival of the flower girl looking simply adorable in a beautiful dress. She will captivate all present as she scatters her precious rose petals in the path of the bride. She evokes centuries of symbolism as she takes dainty steps, exuding sweetness, innocence and purity. The role of the modern flower girl is influenced by tradition and Bill Levkoff flower girl dresses are the perfect blend of the modern and traditional. Whether a bride opts for one flower girl or several, she will be fall for the charms of these darling dresses. They are designed to complement the adult dresses in the bridesmaid collection, but can equally stand alone on their own merits.

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The Bill Levkoff brand is a firm favorite in the bridal world with a trusted reputation for quality and excellence. This family company was first established in the 1950s with a showroom and factory located on New York’s Broadway. Now in its third generation the company is situated in Westchester, New York. Throughout the years they have never wavered from their firm commitment to quality and still maintain their original high standards. Their designs are regularly showcased in the pages of bridal magazines, with the latest collections anticipated eagerly. They create gorgeous flower girl dresses in sizes ranging from 1 to 14, creating ensembles young girls will certainly want to wear again. These classic designs are timelessly elegant and are suited to all styles of wedding.

Flower girls as we know them today follow a tradition dating back to Victorian times, yet they have their original origins much further back in time. In Roman days young female attendants carried herbs or sheaves of wheat, symbolizing fertility and prosperity. Customs changed over the years and by the middle ages young attendants carried garlic to ward off the evil spirits. Fear of the evil eye was also the reason bridesmaids originally wore the same dress as the bride, hoping to confuse any malevolent spirits. Rose petals first appeared as a tradition in Elizabethan times when the bride would walk along a rose petal strewn path between her home and the church. Young girls would not scatter the petals but would carry rosemary sprigs and a ribbon adorned bridal cup.

These customs evolved and by Victorian times the flower girl, still so beloved today, made her appearance. She would carry a basket of fresh flowers while wearing a white dress with a silk or satin sash in a different color. The main change between Victorian times and today is the changes in the dress itself. They no longer always wear white, for instance.

Bill Levkoff flower girl dresses encapsulates this mix of tradition and modernity by creating a number of two-color outfits with the signature style of each having a full-length ivory skirt paired with a sleeveless bodice in a choice of up to 34 captivating colors. The ball gown skirts cascade in softly gathered layers of ivory bobbinet and the colorful bodices are each styled in chiffon. The array of color is a magnificent palette spectrum that can be matched to the theme of the ceremony, the bridesmaids dresses or provide an individual splash of color. Available choices include petal pink, pistachio, plum, pewter and permission. Other options are watermelon and wine, cherry, champagne, cornflower and chocolate; sangria, wine, eggplant and cranberry. Ivory is also available to create a single block color dress.

Each of these signature ball gown silhouettes shows meticulous attention to detail on the bodice with features such as starburst pleating or asymmetrical pleats. Necklines incorporate sweethearts, scoops and Vís. Waistlines are accentuated with ruched chiffon bands or with sleek charmeuse waistbands offering a new texture. Embellishments are discreet and minimal, focusing on a beaded applique accenting a waistband or a ruffled floral applique matched to a ruffled shoulder strap. These signature dresses showcase the clean lines Bill Levkoff is so noted for. The full skirts look amazing as the flower girl sashays up the aisle and can be swept up as she runs and plays during the later part of the wedding festivities.

Bill Levkoff also creates slim A-line chiffon dresses in both tea-length and full-length. The bodices, necklines and embellishments replicate the style of the ball gowns, and the lightly gathered skirts have a natural flow. These dresses are simpler and fashioned in a single block color chosen from the 34 offered. Older girls may prefer and feel more comfortable in this style, relishing the chance to emulate the look of the adult bridesmaids.

Bill Levkoff's style is suited to any style of wedding, from the most traditional to the most whimsical. The dresses are suited to weddings replete with pomp and ceremony, or to weddings with a more informal atmosphere or setting. The lightweight chiffon and bobbinet used is suited to all seasons of weddings and travels well to destination weddings.

No flower girl would be complete without something significant to carry, another tradition with an interesting history. Modern ceremonies have eschewed the old customs of carrying sheaves of wheat or woven cloves of garlic, but adhere to the olden custom associated with rose petals. Rose petals of yore used to always be red to symbolize fertility and passion, but the petals scattered today can be any color. They can be matched to the little girl's dress as the symbolism is not as relevant. The scattered petals may be from fresh flowers, with freeze dried or silk being a convenient option if the venue prohibits fresh petals. It is customary for the young girl to carry a dainty basket and the range of available options is as varied as the choice of dresses. A white or ivory basket may be carried, or one chosen to match the color of the dress or the sash. Baskets can be adorned with ribbons that match the ribbons in the young girlís hair, or be swathed in the same fabric as the dress. If the flower girl is very young the basket and its contents will focus her attention as all eyes are on her. The basket can be kept as a wedding keepsake and one day passed onto her chosen flower girl on her own wedding day.

The custom of scattering petals is such a beautiful part of the wedding ceremony, yet modern brides may elect to usher in changes and have the flower girl carry a teddy or blow bubbles instead. Brides should always be considerate of the age of the flower girl and keep her comfort in mind. Bill Levkoff dresses are a comfortable option as they are fashioned in such lightweight, breathable fabrics. Young girls will not need to concern themselves with creases so can take a moment to sit down without worrying how it makes the dress look. The flower girl will look as fresh in her dress at the end of the day as she did at the beginning. She will exude joy and delight in the wedding pictures and attract many dance offers after the ceremony. As she is whisked around the dance floor her dress will enchant and she will create irresistible memories. She will relish the prospect of the next party or event where she can once again wear her now favorite dress.

The Bill Levkoff collection really exemplifies the blending of the modern with the traditional, exuding contemporary charm combined with cherished customs. The imaginative use of the signature two-color dresses is a winner when it comes to marrying modern style with the yearning to adhere to the most cherished traditions.