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Bari Jay Beautiful Maternity Dresses for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are caught up in the fun and excitement of the wedding preparations, relishing the chance to share in the joyous moment of their good friend or relative. Many bridesmaids may well have their own excitement to share as they look forward to a special delivery before the wedding day. Bridesmaids that discover they are pregnant either before or after they are asked to take on an important role in the special day rarely need to worry that the bride will treat their good news with anything other than delight. Most brides take the news in their stride and are more than happy to help in the search for the ideal dress. Bari Jay maternity bridesmaid dresses makes the search a breeze, as each of the gowns is an adaptation of a design from their regular collection. Madame Bridal can outfit the entire wedding party of bridesmaids, pregnant bridesmaids and flower girls in the lovely innovative and easy-to-wear styles of Bari Jay.

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Bari Jay is a leading manufacturer of bridesmaid dresses that have garnered many accolades and much recognition. Their designers are inspired by the latest fashions from the runways of Paris and influenced by the glamour of Hollywood. Their main focus is on creating contemporary new designs that are affordable and easy to wear. Their goal is to make every bridesmaid feel great about her dress, not only for the wedding but for any party.

The pregnant bridesmaid can allay any concerns she has about looking frumpy or fat on the wedding day by opting for a specially designed maternity dress. In the earliest stages, this may not be necessary. For those that will be showing their bump, it has never been easier to find an ensemble that combines comfort with great style, allowing them to showcase their blooming beauty in a gorgeous design. Comfort and ease of wear is a prerequisite for Bari Jay. They understand that no woman wants to spend a long day in a gown that is too tight or makes her feel uncomfortably hot. They create their designs primarily in lightweight chiffon fabrics that are breathable, flattering and flow effortlessly.

If the bride wants her party of bridesmaids to each wear identical gowns, this collection is ideal as the maternity dresses are exact replicas of the usual line. They are available in sizes 2-20. The company is famous for creating precisely the same dress in a choice of fabrics and lengths, with most of the full-length dresses replicated in above-the-knee styles. Bridesmaids may all model the same style or mix things up with different lengths, colors and fabrics.

If the bride has already selected a line of dresses before learning one of her maids is expecting she can still opt for a specific maternity dress rather than expect her bridesmaid to alter the original choice. It can be costly and less than ideal to fuss with alterations such as raising a waistline or removing a back zipper to adapt to a corset lace-up. The bridesmaid will feel far more valued and appreciated if instead of being advised to just buy a dress in a much larger size she is offered the choice of a specifically designed dress that makes her feel good with her changing body. The bride can still give a preference as to color and style. Bari Jay was quick to move with the times and spot a need in the market by introducing a maternity line. The demand is ever increasing as it has become so socially acceptable for a maid and her bump to be part of the wedding procession.

This maternity collection represents an invitation for the expectant maid to look just as good for the occasion in an ensemble that fits and flatters, and will be a joy to wear again after the ceremony. Many of the gowns feature empire waistlines that are very flattering to the bump as they allow the rest of the fabric to flow so effortlessly without constricting. The empire waists in this line are accentuated with crossover bands, high ruched waistbands and sashes with streamers. The lines of these feminine designs are clean and distinct, yet soft enough to accentuate the romance of the day.

Bari Jay uses chiffon, crinkle chiffon and Bella chiffon. Charmeuse is used as a lighter option than satin yet retains the sleek flow, while Vienna satin is used in bodices above chiffon skirts. The variety of styles in the collection illustrate that the expectant bridesmaid is not restricted to a certain look. She can choose a cut that best accentuates her attributes or conceals any parts she is less confident with. The dresses feature prominent necklines as the designers are cognizant that a woman's improved cleavage is usually one of the benefits of her expectant body. The choice includes strapless sweethearts, one-shoulder asymmetrical, deep Vs and scoops, and halter bodices with sweetheart necklines.

A-line silhouettes are the most popular choice across the board. The bride that chooses A-line gowns for her bridal party will find it easy to accommodate the pregnant girlfriend that gravitates to an A-line as the most flattering and comfortable silhouette for her condition. The A-line skirts in this collection are topped with bodices in a variety of styles such as strapless, halter, and surplice. There are satin and lace bodices; bodices framed with tapered shoulder straps or illusion sequin cap sleeves. Fine details focus attention on the bodice and neckline in the form of asymmetrical pleats and delicate ruching. Generally the pregnant woman will want to lift the focus of attention away from her bump and this is accomplished with a well fitted bodice with a distracting neckline.

The collection keeps embellishments to a minimum. There may be a floral applique or the shimmer of a beaded embellishment on an empire waistline, but these tasteful adornments are not overdone. The attention is focused on the easy flow of the silhouette, with both above the knee and full-length skirts shaped with soft gathers. The maternity cocktail-length dresses are designed so the hemline won't ride up unevenly, a common issue with shorter, non-specialized gowns that are raised by the bump. The choice of long or short may be a personal preference, or a decision the bride chooses to make. Some of the full-length hems in this line finish in sweep trains for an extra touch of glamour and can be enjoyed by those preferring to elongate their body.

Bari Jay loves to introduce new colors to their lines and the available palette has something to suit every taste. Classic neutral shades include beige, ivory, petal and silvercee, while warm hues include tulip, sea mist, periwinkle and forest. Deep jewel colors of hot pink, berry and raspberry really stand out in the professional photographs.

One of the most pressing concerns pregnant bridesmaids express is actually to do with the choice of footwear. They don't want to be pried into four-inch heels if they are tire easily or experience swollen feet. A solution which brides can easily accommodate is to let her choose her own style of a more conservative shoe in a color that matches the other bridesmaids shoes, or to conceal the feet in a long flowing gown. If she is comfortable in both dress and shoes she will enjoy the day far more and play her part with verve.

The wedding day is such a joyous event that can be enjoyed to the full by the whole bridal party. Maternity dresses are a wonderful way for the pregnant lady-in-waiting to flaunt her style without being pushed to the sidelines. Later she can assure her new arrival they too were part of the wedding celebrations as the bump in the beautiful Bari Jay dress will easily attest to that fact.