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Allure Bridal Sashes Make the Difference

When your wedding dress calls for a sash of lasting beauty, choose an Allure Bridal Sash for the perfect finishing touch. The designers have created many styles to suit you and the dress of your dreams to enhance every moment of your wedding day. A bit of bling and the glitz and glamour you desire can be found in the right sash from Allure.

Allure Bridal Sash S12 is the right answer for your semi tailored long wedding gown. The glorious sash is made to be that fabric corsage at your left waistline. This sash is offered in Ivory or White and can be worn to define your waist and slenderize it with the focus being directly on the large open flower petals.

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If you want some great sparkle at your waist, choose Allure Bridal Sash S39. Beads form a regal design across the shiny fabric sash. The flower motif is well deliberate and eye-catching and the stitching has been done by master craftsmen. The medium wide sash is fabulous.

Why wear a sash with your wedding gown? The focus of the waistline can be modified while wearing a sash. Know what body type you are and use the sash to enhance your looks. Many of the designs are manufactured with a sash and you may want a slight upgrade to the appearance of the dress.

Each Allure Bridal Sash is memorable. Whether you choose the open petals of organza or the beaded flower motifs on a Satin sash, you will achieve a look of beauty and sophistication.

Each sash offered by Allure Bridal will show streamers or tails that flow down the back of your wedding gown. For information about the way the sash ties, chat online with the bridal consultant.

Your Allure Bridal Sash may be for your natural waistline or to define your empire waist. Regardless of the sash’s position on the dress (mind you must use the sash for enhancement), you will present a glamorous accessory for the best day of your life.

Allure Bridal Sash S1, Allure S4 and Allure S5 are shown on the site adorning the same dress. These photos will give you an idea of the width of sash you may want to purchase.